MOVES® SLC™ Training

Full Suite of Training Supports

The MOVES® SLC™ Training Team supports customers around the world to master the full benefits of the technology and operationalize with optimal impact.


It’s all in the Case

MOVES® SLC™ comes fully equipped with training resources and access to our Training and Service Teams. Just open the MOVES® SLC™ Accessory Case to find a wide variety of rich tools to support you and your team. 

8_United States Marine Corps (USMC) Modernization, Camp Pendleton, 2023

In Person Training

Need a full scale, multi-location implementation? Prefer train-the-trainer? Have a variety of providers?

Our skilled and professional trainers deliver curriculum at in-person training sessions for a full immersion experience. We will work with you to design the format, frequency and locations that support your mission.

Watch and Learn: 30 Minute Training Video

Get a complete overview and visual tour of MOVES® SLC™.

On Demand Training & Mobile App

The Training Team has designed a series of easy to access resources that demonstrate the set up and operation of MOVES® SLC™. These are available 24/7 on-demand on our website and through the Mobile App to support you in your journey.

The Mobile App provides offline functionality – a vital feature for disaster first responders who may not have internet access as they provide casualty and patient care in extreme conditions.

Training and training resources are not intended to replace the MOVES® SLC™ Operator’s Manual which must be read by anyone intending to operate MOVES® SLC™.

Get Focused

Hone in on just the parts of MOVES® SLC™ that are most important to you. Choose the video segment that you need.

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