Integration with MOVES® SLC™

Collaborating to Push the Boundaries

MOVES® SLC™ API Data-Bridge:
Powering Collaboration and Research Initiatives*

Using MOVES® SLC™ as a platform, the Thornhill team is pushing the boundaries of what’s technologically possible in interoperability, remote or autonomous delivery.

  • Allows transfer of at least 25 critical care data points (and supporting info) including oxygenation, ventilation and vital signs monitoring, from a single source connection, over time.
  • Allows commands to be sent to the MOVES® SLC™ to adjust the device settings.
  • Is a conduit to partner CYPER compliant systems with data being encrypted and protected by the partner, according to their needs and specifications.

*Not FDA approved or intended for use in any other capacity other than collaborative or research initiatives that are governed by appropriate agreements and approvals.

Medical Device Interoperability Connects Healthcare

“Thornhill Medical is actively using its “data pipelining” capabilities to build APIs and other interfaces … These protocols are the language the device speaks … We're building translators into APIs that allow the data conveyed by that language to be understood by any application without having to learn the language itself. This decoupling of the device from the potential uses gives us a great deal of flexibility. We can even change/extend the underlying language without breaking the APIs.”

Impacts of Medical Device Interoperability and Remote Control for Enhancing Prolonged Field Care and Casualty Evacuation

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Thornhill Medical signs Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) with U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research (ISR)

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