Shifting the Oxygen Paradigm

The Challenge

As we experienced in the COVID-19 pandemic, medical oxygen can be a scarce commodity, resulting in providers being ill-equipped to meet the needs of their patients. Compromised oxygen supply and resupply, whether due to air or ground disruption in the military theatre, or due to mass casualty scenarios, leaves providers struggling to make tough choices about distribution of care. And there are more challenges.

Bulky and Dangerous
Medical grade oxygen is a specialty item – bulky, time-consuming to fill, dangerous along the supply chain, requiring special shipping containers and Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods.

Huge Amount of Space
Transporting the huge quantities of oxygen needed for mass casualty scenarios limits the number of patients that can be treated. The quantity of oxygen needed to accompany a patient limits the space available to transport patients.

Wastes Oxygen
Currently used portable and transport ventilators expel the patient’s oxygen-enriched exhaled breath into the working area, both wasting the oxygen supply and creating a hazardous environment for fires and explosions.

Meeting the Challenge

In being designed specifically for military and disaster relief scenarios, MOVES® SLC™’s proprietary circle-circuit design is the best of both worlds. It creates a portable or transport ventilator that allows for rebreathing of exhaled gases. MOVES® SLC™ significantly decreases the need for carrying heavy oxygen tanks and increases the efficiency of O2 use when O2 is in short supply.

Always Available
An endless supply of oxygen is available as MOVES® SLC™ generates its own high-purity oxygen from ambient air. No pressurized cylinders or supplemental oxygen is required for mechanically ventilated patients.

Gives Patients what they Need
High pressure, high flow oxygen is not required as the MOVES® SLC™’s turbine-driven ventilator delivers exactly the amount of oxygen the ventilated patient requires from its own micro-integrated oxygen generation systems.

Creates Capacity
Reduced cube and weight, frees up space for transport of more patients, more efficiently.

Stops the Waste
The MOVES® SLC™ ventilator’s rebreathe technology permits incredible efficiency in oxygen delivery by capturing a ventilated patient’s exhaled breath and returning the unused oxygen to them safely and efficiently via the micro-integrated oxygen generation system just like the ventilator technology in every modern Operating Room.

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