About Moves® SLC™

A Revolution in Portable Life Support

MOVES® SLC™ is a revolutionary, completely integrated Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which combines an O2 concentrator, a unique O2-conserving ventilator, suction, and complete vital signs monitoring into a single, compact, portable, battery-operated system.


Simplify Patient Care

MOVES® SLC™ simplifies patient care, as patient monitoring, ventilation, suction and oxygen concentration functions are controlled through a single device, with a single user interface, and powered by battery or a single external power source. MOVES® SLC™ will operate in all transport platforms and provide the attending healthcare provider complete access to the patient.

MOVES® SLC™ reduces the weight and size of current portable systems by over 50%, making forward-deployed medical personnel more mobile and efficient, and ultimately improving patient outcomes in austere and challenging environments.


No Oxygen Tanks Required

Thornhill Medical’s patented circle-circuit ventilator, in combination with the integrated O2 concentrator, means MOVES® SLC™ can effectively eliminate the need to carry heavy, bulky and dangerous high pressure O2 cylinders. How? A high FiO2 can be maintained with low flow O2, as the patient rebreathes their exhaled O2 through MOVES® SLC™’s innovative circle-circuit ventilator. MOVES® SLC™ provides standard of care oxygen therapy for critically ill patients without high pressure O2 cylinders.

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Intended Use


The MOVES® SLC™ is a portable ventilator which is computer-controlled and electrically powered. It is intended to provide continuous or intermittent ventilatory support for the care of individuals who require mechanical ventilation.

MOVES® SLC™ provides the following supplemental functions for patients that it is ventilating or supplying with supplemental oxygen:


The MOVES® SLC™ suction pump is intended for aspiration and removal of fluids, tissue (including bone), gases, bodily fluids or infectious materials from wounds or from a patient’s airway or respiratory support system.

Supplementary Oxygen

The MOVES® SLC™ is intended to provide supplemental oxygen-enriched air to patients that require supplemental oxygen.

Patient Monitoring

MOVES® SLC™ is intended to monitor physiological parameters of patients and provide these parameters to a health care provider for interpretation in the form of physiological data and system alarms. Physiological data and system alarms will be available to the care provider from the monitor.

Operating Environment

MOVES® SLC™ is intended to be operated in a transport and emergency setting.

Target Population

The intended patient population is adults and pediatric patients who weigh between 10 kg and 120 kg.

NOTE: The automated sphygmomanometer is not intended for use with pregnant patients.

Intended Operator

MOVES® SLC™ is intended to be used by, or under the supervision of, medically qualified and trained personnel.


Physiological Monitoring

FiO2 / ETCO2 (+Capnography) / ABP / CVP / ICP / NIBP / Masimo® SpO2 (+Optional Masimo® Rainbow® SET Parameters) / 12 Lead ECG / Patient Temperature (x2); Patient data trends up to 24 hours.

Oxygen Concentrator

FiO2 up to 85% (independent of minute ventilation) for ventilated patients in cyclic mode; FiO2 greater than 85% (independent of minute ventilation) for ventilated patients in continuous mode; up to 93% O2 in concentrated breathing gas at 2.5 LPM for non-ventilated patients.


IMV / SIMV / SIMV+PS / AC / PSV / APRV (Pressure or Volume Control)


100 – 325 mmHg



17 kg (37 lbs.) excl. batteries/clamps


Battery Weight

1.5 kg (3.3 lbs.) each



84 cm (33″) L x 14 cm (5.5″) W x 25cm (10″) H


Body Material




-26°C to 54°C (-15°F to 129°F)



-26°C to 54°C (-15°F to 129°F)


Water Ingress



15% – 95% RH non-condensing



0-5.5 km (0-18,000 ft.)



Tested to MIL-STD-810G and US Army Joint Enroute Care Equipment TestStandard (JECETS) for rotary-wing, fixed wing and jet aircraft as well as ground transportation vehicles.



100-240V AC 50/60Hz or battery power



Lithium polymer: Typical: up to 6 hrs. / set of 2. Minimum: 2.5 hrs / set of 2.

FDA Cleared
Health Canada