August 2022: The National Post profiles Thornhill Medical’s donation to help treat Ukraine’s war wounded

How Toronto firm's donated ICU-in-a-suitcase is helping treat Ukraine's war wounded

The company and Ukrainian recipients say the gear allows health workers to provide advanced life support and surgery in places where it would otherwise be impossible.

National Post
Tom Blackwell
Aug 04, 2022

It’s relatively far from the front lines, but a major hospital in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv has felt the impact of Russia’s invasion of the country profoundly.

Employees say they’ve treated 5,000 civilians over the last five months who were wounded — often severely — during the fighting in eastern Ukraine, a dramatic change from the hospital’s peacetime role. Read the Full National Post Article.

Read About the MOVES® SLC™ in the words of Ukrainian Anesthesiologist, Dr. Yurii

Yurii said the devices have undoubtedly saved lives and will save others, and said Ukraine could use more of them.

"We can use it everywhere. In the field, in the hospital, in the emergency ambulance," said Dr. Yurii, an anesthesiologist. "You don't need a supply of oxygen, or even electricity. You can use it for a few hours (on battery)."

- Ukrainian Anesthesiologist Dr. Yurii on his experience with using MOVES® SLC™

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