May 31, 2022: Thornhill Medical Supports Ukraine

Thornhill Medical is providing humanitarian and military medical support to Ukraine of approximately $1 million through a donation of its mobile life-support system MOVES® SLC™ and mobile anesthesia delivery module MADM™.

Acting on requests for critical and combat care medical equipment and training support from Ukraine Ministry of Defense Commander of Medical Forces and the Ministry of Healthcare, representatives from Thornhill Medical recently visited Ukraine to personally equip and train about 100 civilian and military surgeons and anesthesiologists on the life-saving medical technology ensemble. Learn more here.

Thornhill Medical’s Dr. Ludwik Fedorko (Director and one of the company’s founding scientists), Dr. John B. Holcomb (Military Advisory Council member and Colonel, US Army, Ret), and Frederick Gerber (Senior Military Consultant and Colonel, US Army, Ret) led the delivery of equipment and medical technology training with remote support from Thornhill Medical’s Derek Watt, Director, Commercial Products. In addition, surgical and combat casualty care expertise and mentoring was provided to Ukraine surgeons, medical residents and anesthesiologists.

Ukraine 2002 (2)
Soldiers learning to use MOVES SLC

Within hours of receiving the training, MOVES® SLC™ was put to use in Ukraine’s hospital and combat care field settings to support surgical care for critically injured military personnel and civilians.

“Our medical technology is built to save the lives of those in need of combat, disaster relief and first-responder care so knowing that we are supporting Ukraine’s front-line military and civilian surgeons as they face unimaginable injuries and suffering brings some hope during this devastating time. We will continue to do all that we can to provide even more help to those in need as the war continues.”

MOVES SLC in Action Ukraine 2022
MOVES SLC in Action Ukraine 2022 (2)

Sharing Lessons Learned & Today’s Technology

Dr. John Holcomb, a distinguished and combat seasoned trauma, critical care and acute care surgeon who served for many years in conflict regions including Iraq and Mogadishu, shared his military medicine experiences with Ukraine civilian and military surgeons. “It’s important to pass on lessons-learned and share case studies from forward surgical team situations and to provide the best tools and equipment available to Ukraine’s military and civilian surgeons,” said Dr. Holcomb. “The medical technologies of today offer a more efficient and mobile response. We have the capabilities and equipment today that can prolong the life of those critically injured and that demonstrate the Multi Domain Battle-ready logistics enabling capability of operation – so it should be put to use.”

MOVES® SLC™ and MADM™ will be used in Ukraine by forward surgeons, for transport of patients by land and air as well as within hospital critical care environments. Thornhill Medical is exploring further options to expand its humanitarian and military medical support to Ukraine as the war continues.

About MOVES® SLC™ and MADM™

MOVES® SLC™ extends the critical care window when treating people critically injured during a natural disaster or in a conflict environment, bringing advanced clinical care capability closer to the front line. The micro-integrated technology combines an oxygen concentrator, a unique O2-conserving ventilator, suction and complete vital signs monitoring in a single, rugged, portable, battery-powered unit without the need for heavy, dangerous oxygen cylinders. Thornhill’s proprietary circle circuit ventilation and oxygen generation capabilities – housed in a small, light and rugged configuration – is highly compatible with the capability needs of health care providers operating in extreme circumstances, where traditional infrastructure is often limited.

In tandem, the lightweight and compact design of MADM™, for delivering efficient gas anesthesia, make it ideal in more challenging environments such as field hospitals and forward-deployed surgical operations. MADM™ is quick to set up, easy to use, and has a small logistical footprint – exactly what is required when time and space are at a premium, and mobility is required.

About Thornhill Medical

Thornhill Medical is a leading developer of innovative medical technologies, including amongst others, its proprietary MOVES® SLC™ integrated life-support technology and MADM™ the first portable in-line vapor anesthesia delivery device that turns any ventilator into an anesthesia workstation. Thornhill Medical’s ground-breaking products are produced to be used around the world by emergency health care providers, military medical teams and disaster relief responders. Thornhill Medical has a wide range of expertise from basic science such as physiology, critical care medicine and electrical and mechanical engineering.