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Technology III: In-line Vaporizer with Reflector

A Mashari, L Fedorko, J A Fisher, M Klein, M Wąsowicz, M Meineri. MID: 29124561. DOI: 10.1007/s10877-017-0078-z
As the clinical advantages of vapor anesthesia (VA) for sedation of patients in ICU become more apparent, the ergonomics, economy and safety issues need to be better addressed. Here we describe the use of a new commercial digital in-line anesthetic vaporizer that can be attached to the inspiratory limb of a ventilator. If used with a simple, and easily assembled secondary circuit and anesthetic reflector, the circuit remains remote from the patient, the VA consumption approaches a physical minimum, VA level is controlled and monitored, and the tidal volume size is not limited.