December 4, 2023: Thornhill Medical Teams Up with Leading Medical Solutions Providers to Develop Medical Surge Capabilities for U.S. National Disaster Medical System

Pilot project will develop and test new system to provide critical care during national security medical emergencies

Toronto, ON, Dec.4, 2023: Thornhill Medical announced today that it is participating in a pilot project which aims to increase medical surge capabilities and capacity of the U.S. National Disaster Medical System (NDMS).

Funded by the Defense Health Agency (DHA), the pilot project brings together leading medical solutions providers in a team led by Deloitte Consulting LLP, to design, develop and test a prototype of modular or convertible medical facilities that would increase surge capabilities in national security medical emergencies. This combined “surge solution” aims to strengthen the USA’s response to national disasters and the capacity to care for casualties from an overseas wartime contingency, a domestic attack, or other national security medical emergencies.

Thornhill Medical’s MOVES® SLC™ micro-integrated portable life support technology is a key component of the surge solution being developed by the team. Combining an oxygen concentrator, a unique O2-conserving ventilator, suction, and complete patient monitoring in a compact, battery-operated system, MOVES® SLC™ is uniquely suited to the pilot project, enabling solutions for ICU capacity in mobile medical units and temporary field facilities for safe and continuous care to patients in transfer scenarios. If successful, the pilot program may be extended to other sites for further testing and adopted by NDMS. MOVES® SLC™ is used by military, disaster relief and research organizations around the world – including critical care providers in Ukraine.

The project team, led by Deloitte, includes the Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council (STRAC), Bison Six Emergency Group, and OnMed.

“We are delighted to collaborate with ‘Team Deloitte’ for this important NDMS pilot project that can build the foundation for transformative critical care and help save lives in emergency situations,” says Lesley Gouldie, President and CEO of Thornhill Medical. “Building on our experience working with military organizations in the U.S. and globally, developed further during COVID and other urgent critical care scenarios, we are pleased to be working with innovators who are unlocking tomorrow’s medical care solutions, today.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Thornhill Medical, Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council, Bison Six Emergency Group, and OnMed,” says Shaun Rangappa, MD, Managing Director at Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Our collective capabilities will help the NDMS pilot in its efforts to build modular care delivery capabilities that can be rapidly deployed during disasters or national security events and thereby enhance the speed, scale, and quality of response.”


MOVES® SLC™ extends the critical care window in natural disaster, mass casualty or conflict environments, bringing advanced clinical care capability closer to the front line. The micro-integrated technology combines an oxygen concentrator, a unique O2-conserving ventilator, suction and complete vital signs monitoring in a single, rugged, portable, battery-powered unit without the need for heavy, dangerous oxygen cylinders. Proprietary circle circuit ventilation and oxygen generation capabilities – housed in a small, light configuration – is highly compatible with the capability needs of health care providers operating in extreme and austere circumstances, where traditional infrastructure is often limited. In combination with the lightweight and compact MADM™ for delivering efficient gas anesthesia, field hospitals, forward-deployed surgical operation and surge care facilities can be set up with ease when time and space are at a premium, and mobility is required.

About Thornhill Medical

A global innovator in respiratory and oxygen-related scientific research and advanced technologies, Thornhill Medical is transforming the delivery of critical care in austere and unpredictable combat casualty care and humanitarian environments. Its flagship micro-integrated life support system with built-in oxygen supply, MOVES® SLC™, and its companion anesthesia solution, MADM™, are solving critical care capabilities gaps to save lives. Drawing on 20 years of pioneering scientific and engineering innovations that address the needs of health systems and providers, Thornhill Medical is unlocking tomorrow’s medical technology solutions, today. The team is pushing the boundaries of what’s technologically possible in interoperability, remote or autonomous delivery and the use of AI, and is developing solutions that can transform vascular diagnostics through arterial blood gas control. Thornhill Medical collaborates each day with customers, innovation leaders, industry, hospital, and military partners in more than 19 countries and in 65+ research institutes.

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