MOVES® SLC™: Training Considerations

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Deeper Dive

MOVES® SLC™ was designed to be used by both highly trained and experienced anesthesiologists and physicians as well as minimally trained medics and medical care providers. It can be used in situations where only supplemental oxygen and minimal patient vital signs monitoring is required, it can be used to provide life support during surgery, and it can be used during transport to support critically ill casualties. The variety of integrated functions that MOVES® SLC™ possesses allows it to be adapted to the majority of medical emergencies experienced in battlefield conditions.
If MOVES® SLC™ is deployed across the continuum of care, all medical personnel supporting missions will be trained on the same equipment, eliminating gaps in knowledge between the different levels of care and enhancing the capability of all medical care providers, regardless of medical training and experience. This will ultimately lead to improved patient outcomes at all levels throughout the continuum of care.