November 28, 2022: Thornhill Medical & ADS Inc. Offer Mission-critical Products Through GSA

Breakthrough Solutions Offer Military, First Responders Lifesaving Capabilities in Extreme Conditions

Virginia Beach, Va. – Thornhill Medical and ADS Inc. are pleased to offer two breakthrough, mission-critical medical products through the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

Designed for military, federal, state and local use in the most challenging and unpredictable conditions,–MOVES® SLC™ (Monitoring, Oxygen, Ventilator, Suction) and MADM™ (Mobile Anesthesia Delivery Module) provide critical lifesaving tools to military medical care providers and first responders.

“Both of our companies pride themselves as pioneers on the forefront of technology and value,” said ADS CEO Ryan Angold. “We’ve been extremely proud to help Thornhill Medical streamline the procurement process to make these potentially lifesaving, mission-critical products available to our nation’s military and first responders faster and more efficiently.”

Thornhill Medical’s MOVES® SLC™ is a micro-integrated, future-ready, portable life support system with the ability to support patient care and casualty damage control in a range of circumstances, including prolonged field care, evacuation, and civilian emergency environments. MOVES® SLC™ combines an O2 concentrator, a unique O2-conserving ventilator, suction, and complete vital signs monitoring in a single, compact, portable, battery-operated device. With MOVES® SLC™, those at the front line of extreme care are better equipped for the complexities of operating environments that often lack traditional infrastructure, both today and in the future.

In addition, MADM™ is an inline direct injection anesthetic vaporizer that connects to MOVES® SLC™, or any other ventilator, to deliver sevoflurane and isoflurane gas anesthesia safely and accurately. The versatility and portability of MADM™ make it ideal for delivering gas anesthesia in more challenging environments such as field hospitals and forward-deployed surgical operations.

“Working with ADS facilitates navigating the government procurement process for our customers, and helps put these mission-critical products into the hands of the military and first responders faster and more efficiently,” said Lesley Gouldie, President and CEO of Thornhill Medical. “We’re proud to produce these products, proud of our relationship with ADS, and even prouder that we can support those on the front lines with the tools they need for their lifesaving work.”

MOVES® SLC™ and MADM™ from Thornhill Medical are now available to purchase on GSA Advantage, sold through ADS, Inc. Reach out to your ADS Sales Representative or email for ordering assistance.

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About ADS, Inc.

ADS, Inc. is a leading value-added logistics and supply chain solutions provider that proudly serves all branches of the U.S. Military, federal, state and local government organizations, law enforcement agencies, first responders, partner nations, and the defense industry. Headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, ADS is a Top 50 Department of Defense Contractor focused on solving our customers’ challenges by providing the best product and service offerings, the broadest array of procurement options, and legendary customer service.

About Thornhill Medical

Thornhill Medical’s ground-breaking products are designed to be used around the world by emergency health care providers, military medical teams and disaster relief responders. Thornhill’s oxygen-focused research and applications are transforming patient care in extreme circumstances, while inspiring and enabling other new technologies to unlock vital life-saving solutions. Based in Toronto, Canada, Thornhill Medical’s innovations are now in 19+ countries around the world and growing every day. Thornhill Medical continues to lead the way in the highly competitive, fast-moving and precision-focused field of medical technologies, with a team committed to courage, collaboration and saving lives.