March 20, 2024: Commodore (Dr.) Hans Jung, former Canadian Armed Forces Surgeon General, joins Thornhill Medical Military Advisory Council

Acclaimed military physician joins esteemed international council to share insights with global MedTech innovator.

Commodore (Dr) Hans Jung, former Canadian Armed Forces Surgeon General, set to bring insights from 30+ years of military medical leadership to global MedTech innovator

Thornhill Medical, a global leader in innovative mobile medical technology for use in combat casualty care and disaster relief scenarios, is honoured to welcome Commodore (Dr.) Hans W. Jung, OMM, CD, QHP, CStJ, MD, MA, FRCPSC(Hon) as the newest esteemed member of its Military Advisory Council

As a physician leader, Cmdre (Dr.) Jung served in several leadership roles in his 30+ years in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), ultimately becoming the Forces’ most senior healthcare leader as Surgeon General and Commander of the Canadian Forces Health Services Group. As Surgeon General, he was responsible for comprehensive healthcare delivery, management, and leadership of the CAF healthcare system, including rehabilitation and mental health programs. Cmdre (Dr.) Jung also led the CAF healthcare team during the height of the Afghanistan campaign.

Cmdre (Dr.) Jung joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1981. Having completed his medical training at the University of Toronto and the Toronto East General and Orthopaedic Hospital, he was first posted to CFB Esquimalt, serving both on the base and on HMCS PROVIDER as the ship’s Medical Officer. Subsequent postings include serving as Base Surgeon in Lahr and Baden, Germany; Senior Medical Officer to the Canadian Air Task Group (Middle East) Qatar through the air campaign of the 1991 Persian Gulf War; Command Flight Surgeon and A1 Medical Operations at Air Command Headquarters; and Maritime Command Surgeon and Medical Advisor to the Royal Canadian Navy. He has also served as a NATO Tactical Evaluators. After taking on increasingly senior roles at CAF Health Services, Cmdre (Dr.) Jung was appointed Surgeon General, Commander of the Canadian Forces Health Services Group and Queens Honorary Physician in June 2009.

Among many achievements during his tenure, Cmdre (Dr.) Jung was the driving force to the Canadian Institute of Military and Veterans Health Research (CIMVHR), which now encompasses a network of over 40 universities. He was also the executive champion who delivered a fully operational, bilingual electronic health information system to the CAF that is connected across Canada and overseas, including at sea on board Canadian war ships. He produced the first Chair in Military Trauma in Canada at the Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, and was appointed to the Order of Military Merit in 2001. Additionally, Cmdre (Dr.) Jung led the introduction of Physician Assistants into the Canadian civilian health care sector.

Cmdre (Dr.) Jung, being of Korean heritage, is the first and only Canadian of a visible minority group to become Surgeon General and a general/flag officer in the Canadian Forces history.

Since retiring from the CAF in 2012, Cmdre (Dr.) Jung has remained an active physician, creating and serving at a medical clinic dedicated to the need of veterans of the CAF and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

About Thornhill Medical’s Military Advisory Council

Thornhill Medical’s Military Advisory Council is a distinguished group of military medical experts with unmatched senior field experience in casualty care and medical leadership around the world. Their valuable expertise and insights help inform and shape Thornhill Medical’s mission to improve casualty care and survivability through innovative, future-ready mobile technology and science.

The Council members are:


LTG (Dr.) Honorable James B. Peake, US Army, Ret

  • 40th Surgeon General of the United States Army, 2000 – 2004
  • 6th United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 2007 – 2009

VADM (Dr.) Forrest Faison, US Navy, Ret

  • Surgeon General of the United States Navy, 2015-2019

Cmdre (Dr.) Hans Jung, Canadian Armed Forces, Ret.

  • Surgeon General of the Canadian Armed Forces, 2009-2012

LTG (Dr.) Charles B. Green, US Air Force, Ret

  • • Surgeon General of the United States Air Force, 2009 – 2012

LTG Professor (Dr.) Martin Charles Marshall Bricknell, British Army, Ret

  • Surgeon General of the British Armed Forces, 2018 – 2019

Colonel (Dr.) Ishay Ostfeld, Israel Defense Forces, Ret

  • Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Medical Commander, IDF