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Adaptable Mobile Anesthesia.

MADM™: Designed Specifically for Military and Disaster Relief Scenarios

Temperature Range

MADM™ delivers accurate and consistent gas anesthesia concentrations over a broad operating temperature range. Currently deployed draw-over vaporizers (DOVs), found in portable anesthesia workstations or used standalone with a portable ventilator, are susceptible to inaccurate gas anesthesia delivery in uncontrolled environments, and often require the use of temperature compensation factors manually applied by the anesthesia provider.

Embedded Gas Monitoring Capability

MADM™ also provides embedded respiratory gas monitoring capability not typically found in deployable anesthesia equipment, giving anesthesia providers vital information such as inspired and end-tidal CO2 and anesthetic agent concentrations and minimum alveolar concentration (MAC).

Reduced Footprint and Weight

MADM™ is small and lightweight, and when used with a portable ventilator, significantly reduces the cube and weight associated with currently fielded anesthesia workstations. Read more about how MADM™ and MOVES® SLC™ work seamlessly together.