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International Team

With a proven track record in understanding the unique needs of global customers, the International Team strives to provide the right solutions for diverse and unique needs. Whether for military, humanitarian or disaster relief efforts, the International Team is here to support you.

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Robert (Bob) J. Sullivan
Vice President, Sales

Since 2020, Bob has been at the helm of the International and U.S. Teams, working closely with our customers and a network of distributors to bring local expertise to our global outlook. With a distinguished career as a senior leader in both Fortune 500 and emerging medical device companies, and our customers as his focus, Bob is laser focused on understanding and meeting your needs.

MOVES® SLC™ at the front lines in Ukraine

“Our doctors call MOVES® SLC™ a medical javelin.”

“We have used it in ambulances, we have used it on airplanes, and we had such an urgent need to equip our ambulance trains, and the … devices ... are working there constantly, every day, saving the lives of critically wounded people, both warfighters and civilians.”