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Treat CO Victims as Effectively as Hyperbaric Oxygen without Delay.


Acute Critical Care for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - When Every Second Counts.

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is one of the most common types of poisoning. When inhaled, CO starves the brain and internal organs of oxygen second by second. The longer a patient remains untreated, the more the brain and internal organs are damaged, often irreversibly. Treatment must be accessible, early, and effective.

An Introduction to ClearMate™

No Electricity Required

The compact and portable ClearMate™ requires no electricity to operate, enabling carbon monoxide poisoning treatment to be administered immediately without delay.

Acute Critical Care

ClearMate™ is designed to provide the earliest possible treatment for CO poisoning, in the hospital emergency room. ClearMate™ is easy to set up and easy to use. Provide life-saving treatment as effective as hyperbaric oxygen without the need for additional space and equipment.

CO Elimination Through Isocapnic Hyperpnea

ClearMate™ works by eliminating CO through the lungs by increased patient ventilation (either spontaneously or via a manual resuscitator). Brain blood flow and oxygen delivery is maintained by infusing CO2 automatically to compensate for that lost via increased ventilation. This technique is referred to as Isocapnic Hyperpnea.


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