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Pursuing the Unimaginable

The Thornhill Medical research team is on the leading edge of precision control of arterial blood gases. This foundational science is core to technology solutions now seen around the world in premier research facilities and in the most challenging of healthcare environments.

Research is brought from lab to care by a team of scientists, engineers, and commercialization experts who take innovation from idea to reality.

Thornhill Medical can be seen on the podium presenting at scientific conferences, partnering with the best of those moving medical technology forward, and powering the break-through work of others.

Thornhill Medical works with innovators in many spheres of expertise. From the world’s leading scientific researchers, who advance new research in respiratory sciences and more, to industry leading companies, to our valued customers – collaboration pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in Next Tech.

Joseph Fisher Head Picture

Joseph A. Fisher


Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Olivia Sobczyk Head Picture

Olivia Sobczyk

B.MSc., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Director of Research
Drew Miller Head Picture

Drew Miller

B.ASc., P.Eng.

Chief Technology Officer

Joseph A. Fisher

Dr. Fisher grew up in downtown Toronto, studied Medicine at the University of Toronto, graduating in 1973. He was in General Practice and practiced Emergency Medicine before returning to complete specialty training in both Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology, which he practiced until the end of 2021. Dr. Fisher is a full Professor at the University of Toronto, and the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute. He has supervised more than 30 graduate students (MSc, PhD), published 273 papers on topics including cardio-pulmonary physiology, anesthesiology, pharmacology, neurovascular physiology and functional MR imaging (h-index of 59 as of April 2024). Dr. Fisher and Dr. Ludwik Fedorko co-founded Thornhill Medical as a spin-off from the University Health Network in 2004. Dr. Fisher is an inventor of more than 73 issued and pending patents which cover the science behind Thornhill Medical’s products: MOVES® SLC™, MADM™ and ClearMate™. As Chief Scientific Officer, he oversees continuous Research and Development, including the investigational tool RespirAct® and RIVAL, a potential accessory for MADM™; plus exploring a new approach to non-invasive measures of cardiac output.

Olivia Sobczyk

Dr. Olivia Sobczyk strives for excellence in the field of neuroscience and respiratory physiology and works each and every day to merge science and technology for the betterment of mankind. Dr. Sobczyk has over 15 years experience at Thornhill Medical creating and developing new medical technologies and clinical management solutions, from benchtop to bedside, with a focus on neurovascular disease. She obtained her PhD from the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto and University Health Network, specializing in neuroimaging and neurophysiology. Olivia’s understanding of the value of commercialization of research as a tool for change, brings a whole new depth and reach to her work and makes her an invaluable member of the Thornhill Medical team.

Drew Miller

With over 30 years of product development experience in electronics and software design, Mr. Miller brings his depth of knowledge of medical device creation to Thornhill’s product development team.