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Thornhill Medical is dedicated to advancing innovative medical technologies and to improving patient care. Dr. Joe Fisher and Thornhill Medical’s other scientists’ proof of concept, Accelerated ethanol elimination via the lungs, is an important and game-changing discovery in rescue therapy for severe alcohol intoxication.  Read moreScientific Report.

The Clear Solution for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The revolutionary, portable and patented ClearMate™ lets you treat CO victims as effectively as hyperbaric oxygen, without delay. Since treatment starts much sooner, CO elimination is much faster.


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Carbon Monoxide Washout Time

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Carbon Monoxide

Deadly, Odourless

CO inhalation is the world’s most common type of poisoning. When treating CO poisoning, every second counts. When inhaled, CO effectively starves the brain and internal organs of oxygen. The longer a patient remains untreated, the more the brain and internal organs are damaged, often irreversibly.


Treatment for CO poisoning must be accessible, early and effective. ClearMate™ delivers.


No Electricity Required


The compact and portable ClearMate™ requires no electricity to operate.

Every Second Counts


ClearMate™ was designed to provide the earliest possible treatment for CO poisoning, in the hospital emergency room. ClearMate™ was designed to be easy to set up and easy to use, requiring minimal training to provide life-saving treatment.

The Science: Increased Ventilation with CO2 Control

ClearMate™ works by eliminating CO through the lungs by increased patient ventilation (either spontaneously or via a manual resuscitator). Brain blood flow and oxygen delivery is maintained by infusing CO2 automatically to compensate for that lost via increased ventilation. This technique is referred to as Isocapnic Hyperpnea.


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Intended Environment

The ClearMate™ System is intended to be used in:

• Hospital emergency departments

Intended Patient Population

Minimum of 16 years old and a minimum of 40 kg (80.8 lbs)

Intended Users

The ClearMate™ System is intended to be used by:

• Physicians

• Emergency department medical professionals at a hospital

Use Limitations

• ClearMate™ should only be used by emergency department medical professionals at a hospital.

• ClearMate™ should always be used as adjunctive therapy; not intended to replace existing protocol for treating carbon monoxide poisoning.

Potential Side-Effects

The ClearMate™ induces hyperventilation and administers oxygen and carbon dioxide gas. Use of the ClearMate™ System may produce shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, and headache.

Restriction Notice

The ClearMate™ is a medical device intended for use only by or under the order of a physician.



6.2 kg (13.7 lbs.)



33 cm (13″) L x 39 cm (15″) W x 7 cm (3″)



5 °C to 40 °C (41 °F to 104 °F)



-20 °C to 60 °C (-4 °F to 140 °F)

Water Ingress



Vibration & Free Fall

BS EN 1789:2007 (Medical Vehicles & their Equipment – Road Ambulances)




FDA Cleared
Health Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions about ClearMate™
Frequently Asked Questions about ClearMate™

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ClearMate™ Scientific References
ClearMate™ Scientific References

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