Inhalational Anesthesia with MADM™ as a Standard of Care

Thornhill Medical’s Mobile Anesthesia Delivery Module (MADM™) was designed and tested to deliver accurate gas anesthesia concentrations safer and more effectively when compared to alternative anesthesia delivery methods.

Benefits of Inhalational Anesthesia

Inhalational anesthesia allows for rapid and precise alteration of anesthetic depth with a single agent providing complete sedation. In addition, predictable dosage and results permit quicker patience emergency and recovery.   Inhalational anesthesia is stable in a wide range of environmental conditions and is significantly more cost effective than TIVA in a circle circuit configuration. Overall long term use of inhalational anesthesia is safer as it is not linked to confusion, dementia, addiction, tolerance development or toxicity.

Anesthesia Delivery Methods

A Comparison of three Anesthesia Delivery Methods: Draw-Over Vaporizer, Total Intravenous Anesthesia and MADM™.