Combat Casualty Care

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Built to Save Lives. Supporting Ukraine's Healthcare Personnel

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Healthcare made an open request for critical medical equipment. Thornhill Medical responded to the call by delivering the MOVES® SLC™system to Ukrainian civilian and military surgeons.

Once delivered, on the ground training was provided and within a few hours, the device was put to use. Dr. John Holcomb, an experienced trauma surgeon, was part of the team sent to render aid.

Dr. Holcomb stated: “We have the capabilities and equipment today that can prolong the life of those critically injured”. Dr. Holcom went further, declaring that these systems need to be put to use. We could not agree more.

MOVES® SLC™ is now on the frontlines and in the hands of forward surgeons. It is being used for exactly what it was designed for. It is helping medical personnel quickly and efficiently move their injured patients to higher echelons of care.

The Future of Combat Casualty Care

MOVES® SLC™ was created to serve on the battlefields of the future. Casualty care in both large-scale combat operations and multi-domain operations require that patients are mobile. With that in mind, the life-saving devices used must also be portable. Our device can be taken to the injured, then moved alongside them as they are brought to their final care location.

With the help of U.S. Military personnel, such as Retired Colonel Frederick Gerber, Thornhill Medical identified key gaps in prolonged field care. It was clear that the critical care window needed to be extended. MOVES® SLC™, the portable life support system does just that.

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Supporting Combat and Prolonged Casualty Care

Upon examining the existing state of prolonged field care, two critical capability gaps were identified. The first is that resources, technology, and training are needed to prevent death from hemorrhage. The second is that advanced airway and ventilator support are required for varying levels of trauma care.

MOVES® SLC™ was developed with those two, and other gaps, in mind. Connect with your information specialist in order to find out more about how we are filling those needs.

Your specialist will first provide you with the detailed whitepaper explaining the advantage of MOVES® SLC™. We will then work with you to answer any questions you have. Together, we can work to ensure our service members make it home.

Key Life-Saving Features

MOVES® SLC™ combines an oxygen concentrator, a unique O2 conserving ventilator, suction and complete vital signs monitoring. All of these features are combined in a single, rugged, portable, battery powered unit.

There is no longer a need for dangerous and heavy oxygen tanks.

Future Ready.

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